Adenan to Chinese voters: Return to BN


MIRI: Will there be a big swing among the Chinese voters on April 30 State Elections?

Chief Minister has called for support from Chinese community who had neglected Barisan Nasional (BN) in 2011 State Elections and General Elections 2013.

Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) lost 12 Chinese majority seats it contested with a dip of 12 percent in popular votes among the Chinese voters.

The State BN chief extended an olive branch and appealed to the Chinese especially in urban areas to support Government again and for stronger representation of both the state and the people.

Adenan said, he needed the strong backing of the Chinese to form a cohesive and strong government.

“I want greater Chinese representation in the state administration after the state elections,” Adenan stressed.

“I need your solid support as we in the state government, recognise the importance and crucial roles and contributions of the Chinese towards state and national development.

Tan Sri Adenan Satem gave a speech to a crowd of more than 3,000 people at a Chinese New Year dinner organised by SUPP Miri division on Friday night.

“But, there has been a lack of Chinese support for BN in the last few elections. I want to mend relationship,” he said.

“Come back to BN and work together with us for the sake of building up a solid and cohesive Sarawak,” he said.

Under his leadership, the state government has given official recognition to the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC), apart from giving annual financial allocations to Chinese independent schools.

At the event, Adenan rendered four golden oldies and managed to raise RM1.8 million for the proposed new Miri Red Crescent Society Kidney Dialysis Centre in the Kuala Baram district north of Miri City. –