PM: Stop spreading rumours about Tabung Haji

Source: Tabung Haji

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister has called for an end to the spreading of rumours about Lembaga Tabung Haji via websites and social media as this could have adverse effects if depositors were to withdraw their investments from the fund.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak said, the prospective pilgrims may lose their opportunity to perform the Haj because of the rumors.

“The spread of  unverified statements creates an atmosphere of unrest and uncertainties towards Islamic finance and welfare institutions.

“If there are those among the Muslim community who were influenced by these unsubstantiated statements that they withdrew their savings from Tabung Haji, this would truly sadden me,” said Najib in his latest post on, Friday.

Najib explained that if investors were to withdraw their money out from Tabung Haji, they would  lose their returns from the fund, and may also wind up forfeiting their opportunity to perform the Haj.

“I understand that there are some people who intend to make  political motives by provoking public animosity but I advise that all of this should stop,” said Najib.

The Prime Minister said that people should not forget Tabung Haji  has helped to significantly reduce the cost of performing the Haj.

For 1437 Hijrah, the actual cost was RM18,890 each, but Tabung Haji subsidised RM8,910.

Najib said, compared with other countries, the cost of performing the Haj for Malaysian were one of the lowest.

“Don’t let the spreading  malicious rumours become with political motives ingrained in our culture.

“Don’t let it get to the point that there are losses so much so the Muslims losing their income and  opportunity to carry out their responsibilities as Muslims,” he said-