Flood: No waterbone disease


KUCHING: The current flood incident has caused fears of disease outbreaks and epidemics, however the State Health department have claimed there has been no sign of any disease outbreaks.

It’s director Datu Zulkifli Jantan said due to the short exposure of the flood, those waterborne diseases by pathogenic microorganisms weren’t able to spawn.

“Sarawak is lucky as the flood incident only lasted for a few days, thus the flood subsides instantly. As such areas that are hit by the flood varies.”

He noted that the most commonly occurred diseases during the flood such as cholera and typhoid and food poisoning. However no sign of such diseases were reported during this flood incident.

“In fact here in Sarawak, we hardly see cholera and typhoid, despite cholera disease is by season whereby once in a while there will be an outbreak, but that’s been controlled very fast, as for food poisoning we will recieve it once in while on a yearly basis,” he said this during a press conference here today.

He stressed that the department will be on the watch for any water borne diseases.

Jantan then praised the relief centres for its excellent management and services, adding, that victims are well taken care especially in terms of food and clean water supply.

He stated that the health department being a member of the committee in charge of the centres, will deploy its officers to conduct inspection in accordance with the SOP prior to the flood season.

“This is to ensure that the centres itselves are ready to take in the victims when the time come.” – SarawakVoice.com