Force to vote BN

By dropping the date for the coming Sarawak state election, Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem seems to think that Barisan Nasional (BN) has already secured the win for Najib Razak.

It is both unprecedented that the dates for a state election is announce early and also (seemingly) without informing the Election Commission (EC) beforehand; showcasing the pompous nature of the state BN.

Ultimately, we do need to question the independence of the EC, if a sitting chief minister has the right to determine the dates of the election without having the authority to do so.

Yet this is the pompous nature of BN and how they have govern the nation for more than 50 years. BN is sure of winning Sarawak and win Sarawak they must.

There is no doubt that Adenan is a popular among Sarawakians. His ability to silence the voice of the opposition and critics from the first day he stepped into office showcases his experience in handling politics.

His popularity masks the seemingly bad reputation of his predecessor and back-ward nature of Sarawak in terms of development compared to states in West Malaysia.

Adenan was smart in endearing himself to the people of Sarawak by championing Sarawak’s position in the formation of Malaysia. By stating that Sarawak is on equal standing to West Malaysia and should be address as such, Sarawakians have rallied behind him. It is telling that only now, Sarawak is in negotiations to claim rights agreed upon under the Malaysia Agreement 1963.

Why wait so long for rights that should have been allocated to Sarawak 53 years ago? For more than 50 years, Sarawak has been left behind and kept poor by the ruling BN government.

The mantra of ‘development if you vote BN’ rings familiar with Sarawakians. It will be the same for this coming 11th state election.

Adenan’s was smart enough to see the political milleage he would gain by championing the growing sentiment of many Sarawakians that they have been short-change by the federal government. He would be seen as the people’s champion and all round good guy.

The move to engage Putrajaya came at an opportune time, with the state elections looming and the prime minister embroiled in scandals of his own making, any demands by Sarawak would be entertained.

Najib wants to remain as prime minister and having the likes of Adenan and Sarawak on his side ensures that Najib would continue to remain in power as Prime Minister of Malaysia for another term or two.

The first stage of devolution of powers saw 13 administrative actions successfully negotiated by Adenan Satem, and although it seems good for Sarawak to gain this, it all comes with a caveat. Najib Razak has stated that whatever negotiations concerning devolution of powers for Sarawak has to be with a BN lead government. Sarawak must be BN lead or else there will be no further negotiations concerning power devolution.

This is a no win situation for Sarawak, because from the onset; Sarawak has no say in deciding for herself her state of affairs or the government to rule her.

Where is the spirit of a democratic system when the process is skewed in order to meet the selfish demands of the standing goverment?

Instead, we are force to keep BN in power in order to be given an illusion of autonomy. We are force to give a huge mandate to Adenan Satem and BN at the cost of our freedom to determine for ourselves what is best.

We are force to keep a hugely unpopular prime minister in power so we can claim promises that have long been overdued to us.

How pitiful is Sarawak, that we have to sell our freedom to claim the birthright that was ours all along. –