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From: Mohamad Hafeez, 9th June 2016

Dear business owner, online advertiser and friend,

In online advertising, if you’re NOT targeting to the RIGHT audience then you are wasting your money all the way!

From our observation, there are a lot of companies that are promoting on the internet are simply “donating” their money to the big internet giants like Facebook and Google. Why do I say this? It is because they are pushing their marketing message to everybody and everywhere, which is a costly way to do it!

Actually what they are doing is, they are targeting their advertisement to nearly all Facebook user who don’t even have the interest to what they‘re offering.

Or the targeted audience is too far away from where the real business is located. For example, the audience is in Kuala Lumpur while your servicing is in Kuching? Strange isn’t it?

You see when this happens, this will result a low percentage of click through rate (due to low audience’s interest) that translates to high per click cost. Simply put; you are paying for the advertising to get people who are not related to your product or service at all!

In the audience’s view; “Why do I need to click this when there is nothing there for me?” Or “What is this? It’s not related to me, I don’t need this.” They just skip the ads, but you still have to pay for that expensive untargeted advertisement to show up.

What is the right way?

It will be totally a different gameplay when we target ONLY to the right audience.

For example, if you want to sell guitar, do you promote to all men and women aged 18 to 60? Or do you just target your promotion to the people who have the interests in music instrument like guitar, or who have previously purchased a guitar before?

Or at least, to target the people who love any best lead guitar players? Which do you think will create a better response? You’re right! The key is to target only to the audience with that related interests!

It is proven that by doing it the right way will save you heck a lot of money (high percentage of click through rate (CTR) giving you a much lower cost per click (CPC) and at the same time increase the engagements to your promotions, this is possible if you are promoting in front of the right crowd at the first place!

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.26.20 AM
Some of our FB advertising campaigns that result in a high click though rate (CTR) that translates a lower cost per click (CPC)

With Facebook or Google, you can setup to target your advertisement only to a set of interest group, but BEWARE, if you’re doing it by using the default settings, it will also eat up your money as fast as a CDM machine, plus the poor results!

Why Businesses Chosen Us Over The Many Other “Online Marketing Experts”?

If you are looking for an online marketing agency to help you on your promotion, then what you need is the people who know the nut and bolt of this industry and who deliver results!

What we learn in the past 10 years in this field is; to get a high engagement rate on any online campaign we have to present the offer only to the right audience who have the burning desire or what we call as the “starving crowd”, feed them with the right promotional message using the right online media.

Failing to do this will result a high cost and low quality audience.

One of the website that we manage is Sarawakvoice.com. Sarawakvoice is mainly a news and political portal that was created on January 2016.

Since they are using our expertise to boost the readership of the website, in just 5 months Sarawakvoice has served 595,954 unique readers with more than 35% – 40% to be their returning visitors.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.36.28 AMThis is the kind of result you can get when you position your business in front of the right audience, as for this case; we’re targeting people who love to read online news and political insights.

With this growing milestones, together with our collaborations, Sarawakvoice.com is inspired to help local businesses to expand their promotion reach to as many Sarawakians as possible!


There are 2 Big Problems Faced By Online Advertisers…

Since 2010, we can see the demand for online promotion in Sarawak is in a growing trend.

But there are problems with this demand.

Firstly, there are only a few Sarawak based portal that owns a high quality large audience which can be leveraged as marketing channel. What we meant by high quality audience? They are portal readers, mainly who are decision makers with buying power, people we can promote to.

You can find that kind of prospects within Sarawakvoice.com as they has served more than 500,000 readers, where 80% of them are Sarawakians working in numerous professional field.

Below are few of the industries where they working based on self-reported data on Sarawakvoice’s Facebook page.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 12.02.50 PMAnd below are the in-market segments based on the Google Analytic report of Sarawakvoice portal.

In-Market Segments data reflects the readers’ buying interest as identified on their overall internet surfing behaviors.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 12.04.40 PMAnd the second problem is, there are only a few online advertising agency that can offer their expertise in delivering effective online advertising. If your can find one, we are afraid that they are still using that old style broad audience targeting, which is costly and not effective, and not to mention the high consultation fee that most are charging.

Ever since we start our cooperation with Sarawakvoice.com, we look forward to help as many local businesses as possible to promote their products and services widely on the internet with a fraction of the market price and by taking the advantage of the our marketing strategies.

 Discover how you can benefit from our expertise…

  • Our primary focus is to always cut that advertisement cost as low as possible for every campaign, so we can expand your reach at much longer time and wider audience scale.

  • Also, we will analyse the channel and media that is the most suitable for your business model, whether to use Facebook, Instagram, Google or Yahoo.

  • We have the technology and software to find only that right audience for your business, so you only receive high value prospect who really want to engage to your offer!

  • Building a consistent brand exposure and ads engagement that translates to better results! (leads or sales)

  • We have a database of 100,000 – 900,000 of targeted audience in Sarawak, we only choose the right audience for you!

  • We are using up to date online strategies that include social media and search engines marketing so you are always ahead of your competitors!

  • We craft your copywriting professionally to cater that specific audiencePutting that right words is essential for selling on the net as they’re acting as your sales staff. Even a single change in words can make a huge outcome!

  • Our team will work exclusively for your company so you don’t have to hire anymore online marketing staff.

  • We carefully use the extra advertising budget that you’ve allocated, all for your business benefits. Not a single cent for us ever! (extra budget allocation is available in the options below)

  • You will always receive your advertising performance report at the end of the advertising period. 

3 Options To Boost Your Promotion: Target it Right, Make Result!

Option #1: In-Text Advertisement

  • Your advertisement will be placed in front of our audience every day through our news content.

  • There are 10,000 – 40,000 unique readers everyday, surfing our portal and reading the content. This is NOT hits but are unique visitors.

  • We are paying 8 journalist and columnists every month to make sure we deliver high quality content (news, analysis) so our high profile readers will return to read for more. Every month, there will be hot news like these, and your ads in it:
    Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 12.37.48 PM

  • In-text advertising is known to be as one of the top form of advertising – as it converts very well!

  • Your advertisement will be seen everyday for 30 days

  • 50% Discount until June 15, 2016

  • Limited for 10 slots ONLY!

  • Convert much better for following market based on our audience’s in-market interest:

    • Travel, Hotel & Accommodations

    • Auto, Vehicles, Motor, Used

    • Employment

    • Real Estate, Properties

    • Financial / Investment

    • Education Opportunity

    • Air Travel

    • Dating Service

    • Gifts, Events and Wedding Planning

 Option #2: Our Facebook Page Audience

  • Based on the audience pixel that we have installed on Sarawakvoice.com enable us to track our readers anytime

  • Audience pixel is Facebook technology that capture our web users’ cookies. Cookies stores audience’s data that contains their past surfing history and behaviors.

  • With this data enable us to promote any offerings to the readers at anytime, as long as they are logged in their Facebook!

  • We have 198,500 visitors (increasing every month) size that we can target at any given time through our Facebook page
    Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 1.51.52 PM

  • Your advertisement will be seen everyday for 30 days

  • 50% Discount until June 15, 2016 

  • Limited for 10 slots ONLY!

  • Very suitable for:

    • Event promotion

    • Product, service or company branding

    • Local product and service such as food service, home maintenance etc.

    • Local targeting in Sarawak (spots in Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu, Miri) (80% of our overall audience is Sarawakian)

Option # 3: Ads Mastery Planner

  • Complete advertising solution to cater all your marketing needs (targeting, promotional message and advertising setup)

  • Working exclusively one-on-one with your company (you can call us anytime or meet once per week for consultation)

  • Leveraging all of our marketing channel: In-text, Facebook, social media and Google

  • Focus on highly target audience only.

  • Your advertisement will be seen everyday for 30 days – 45 days

  • Delivering high performing advertising in term of audience engagement

  • Suitable for any business model, products and service

  • 50% Discount until June 15, 2016

  • Extra Super Bonus: Content Marketing & Local Domination

With our service, you can rest assure that you will have the best experience on marketing and advertising with us.

We will make sure that you will not lose track on how your money will be spent, especially on the unrelated audience and you will always get the accurate report from us.

 This is totally different from traditional form of advertising, where you just spend your money and didn’t know how is it performing.

That is why our mission is to always deliver the best response for your marketing campaign, by targeting only to the right audience every time, all of this because crafting a great advertising is our passion!

 Our 11 Years Experience Is Your Risk-Free

We’re very sure that you want to try something different now. Something that can really give the twist to your marketing campaign, not just a touch and go style. With this new media, your are far in control than before, so why waste more on random unrelated prospects and underperforming result when you can gain much better?

Currently we are doing our marketing test and to collect more clients’ testimonial, so all of our offer come with a 50% off the actual price until 23rd June 2016. Depending on the feedback, our service fee will back to the normal price.

However if you order our service by midnight on 23rd June, it’s yours risk-free for a 50% discount! This offer is far better than any online or offline advertising agency, that we guaranteed you can’t find anywhere!

You can trust us on this. Our expertise and experience in social media and search engine marketing will change the way on how you gain more brand exposure, leads and sales! (Read the details of our guarantee below)

Finally, we also giving in our five Top Premium Reports if you order our service by 23rd June 2016.

Super Bonus #1 – Marketing Like a Pro: The Ultimate Guide to Sales Techniques and Applying to Your Businesses Today!

large_9371_01Success is discovered with meeting and exceeding the needs of your customers and clients. Are you asking the correct questions to meet their needs and establish success – for both you and your customer?

Super Bonus #2 – Be Heard: The Step-By-Step System To Building An Audience, Getting Attention And Creating Content That Gets Shared

large_9873_01Discover The Step-By-Step System To Building An Audience, Getting Attention And Creating Content That Gets Shared! In This Course, You’ll Find Out How To Build Your Authority, Using Authenticity And Stories To Connect With Your Audience And Stand Out In a World Full of Distractions!

Super Bonus #3 – The Power of Branding

large_9756_01When you think of any big company, the brand is probably the first thing to come to mind. In fact, there are very few successful businesses that don’t have a prominent brand and it’s hard to imagine how a company could get big without investing in its image and creating an identify for itself.

Super Bonus #4 – Online Customer Engagement: Discover how to increase your customer magnetism today!

large_8768_01Small businesses will often rely on their website for consumers to find them, so this is your opportunity to make a good impression with potential leads or returning customers. Therefore, you want to make sure that site keeps your visitors engaged and interested.

Super Bonus #5 – High Performing Copywriting

Screen-Shot-2015-06-30-at-2.15.08-PM-1020x400As we said earlier, using the right word to the right audience can greatly affect your marketing performance. Usually we will charge a lofty fee just for this service as the marketing words will be crafted by our copywriting expert. As for example, one of our customer who is in real estate business have sold 90% of their house in less than two month with just a simple tweak on their marketing message – that’s the impact of a powerful copywriting!

100% Satisfaction, Re-service Guaranteed!

We are very confident that you will like our work! That is why we insist that you order Our Marketing Service entirely at our risk.

Our marketing service come with a Risk-Free, Re-service Guaranteed. We want to help you to lower your risk so you can gain much higher return. What we are going to guarantee you is this:

If you are not satisfied to any of the campaign after the end of the campaign period you can claim our re-service guarantee:

We will offer to promote your product with the intention to get the best advertising result at our expenses! We will promote the product or service that you have for seven days. We will be maximising your campaign to all of our marketing channel so you will get the exposure boost.

How to Order? 

Step # 1SELECT the marketing plan that you desire. Now you can pay using your Debit Card, Credit Card or PayPal account. Click the Buy Now Button To Order, your order will be received immediately! (All plan come with 50% Introductory Discount until 23rd June 2016)

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Option #1: In-Text Advertisement (NP:RM995.00 RM497 – 50% OFF!)

[wpecpp name=”Option #1: In-Text Advertisement” price=”497″ align=”center”]

Option #2: Our Facebook Page Audience (NP:RM1995.00 RM997 – 50% OFF!)

[wpecpp name=”Option #2: Our Facebook Page Audience” price=”997″ align=”center”]

Option # 3: Ads Mastery Planner  (NP:RM3995.00 RM1997 – 50% OFF!)

[wpecpp name=”Option # 3: Ads Mastery Planner” price=”1997″ align=”center”]

Step # 2 (Optional) – Select the amount ONLY IF you intend to increase your Advertising Budget (100% will be used for your advertising campaign)

Add RM250 for additional budget

[wpecpp name=”Add RM250″ price=”250″ align=”center”]

Add RM500 for additional budget

[wpecpp name=”Add RM500″ price=”500″ align=”center”]

Add RM1,000 for additional budget

[wpecpp name=”Add RM1000″ price=”1000″ align=”center”]

Step #3 – We will contact you via phone as soon as possible within 24 hours!

 We will also send to you questionnaires through email. Those are important questionnaires that you must answer and submit it back to us. It will make us understand your product and customer so we can craft the right marketing message for you. If you want to use your own marketing material you can submit it to us. Your special bonuses will be sent via email.

Step #4 – Before we start the promotion, we will send the new crafted advertising message to you for review within 24 – 48 hours.

Step #5 – After any revision or confirmation from your side, we will immediately start the web promotion as soon as possible. Your report will be available after the end of the promotional period.

Best Regards,

Mohamad Hafeez, Customer Relation Manager Our

Hotline: 019-9129709 (8 am – 10pm)

P .S. Remember, what are the benefits of not knowing where do your advertisement spending goes? Is all this time, you are really targeting on the right audience that really interested in your product or you’re just gambling promoting on a mass audience that doesn’t even care of what you want to promote?

 P.P.S With targeted audience, you can lower your advertising cost and increase the response and engagement at the same time, since you are focusing on the right interest market! So stop wasting another ringgit to an untrackable advertising method!

 P.P.P.S You can compare our cost and working method to any other media, we bet you will see that ours are worth to work with! Plus, not to forget the RM300 worth of super bonuses that we are throwing in all of our offer, that you can use and keep for lifetime!

 P.P.P.P.S Yes, not to forget the 50% off discount is limited time until 23rd June 2016. We afraid that we will need to pull back to the normal price if we have any positive feedback on this offer.


Q: Do you really deliver the service?

Definitely! We are real company that deliver real service. One of the website we helped have gained nearly 40,000 active online user in just one month! You can see the proof below:

 Q: Can you be trusted?

Our survival depends on the good testimonial from our clients, and we have been around in the internet marketing arena since 2005. If we are doing monkey business, you can simply contact the local police in the commercial crime department and report about our wrongdoings. That is how serious we are, and we hate scammers just like you.

 Q: What if my advertising not performing?

Our prime commitment is to make sure your advertising shown to the best audience for your business, so you will receive low advertising cost with high exposure as well as engagement rate. That is our promise! But just any other advertising agency, we cannot guarantee that you will have certain amount of sales or profits by using our service as different business have different result. 

Q: Your Fee is too expensive!

We believe if you have made your research in the market, then you will not say so and you will be surprised that our fee to be the most reasonable. Some companies who are doing quite similar like ours are charging up to RM3000 to even RM10,000 per month.