Mayor of Kirtipur, Kathmandu officiated Peace Nepal 2017

KIRTIPUR, Nepal: A small town Kirtipur in Kathmandu today has witnessed some 200 local Napalese people gathered with 48 CUCMS’s students and lecturers/staff for a humanitarian work aiming at continuing giving hope and helping hands to the victims of Nepal’s 2015 earthquake.

Mr Ramesh Mahargan, Mayor of Kirtipur Municipality launched Post Earthquake Community Embrace, PEACE Nepal 2017 this morning at Naya Bazaar Club hall, Kirtipur, in a colourful and in Nepal’s traditional way of honouring and receiving guests.

“This is a remarkable effort by the Malaysian students and people, after having our homes demolished in the 2015 earthquake. I am very happy and hope you all will continue in visiting us in coming years”, said Mr Ramesh in his officiating speech.

Among special guests attended the ceremony were Mr Ahmad Fadhil Ismail, First Secretary of Malaysian Embbassy in Nepal, Mr Suraj Maharjan, Chairman of Nayabazaar, Kartipur, Dr Mohammad Kashim Shah, President of Islamic Medical Association of Nepal (IMAN), Dr Assoc Prof Dr Birendra, representative of Tribuvhan University, local NGOs representatives, CUCMS’s professors and mission advisors.

Associate Professor Mohamad Ikram Salleh, the Head Advisor for PEACE NEPAL 2017, in his speech explained how CUCMS’s students themselves assessed and decided the venue to embark this humanitarian services including situation in Kathmandu as what we are witnessing currently.

Expressing his deep appreciation on this year mission, Dr Kashim, President of IMAN said:
“During the 2015 earthquake, we received MyCare Malaysia team, who came to help us to rebuild our catastrophic loss. And two years later, you all come again. On behalf of Nepalese people, we thank all of you so much”

Today’s event also witnessed the giving away mock cheques to the donation recipients such as IMAN Nepal and other local NGOs who help to buy solar panels, family kits, winter kits and other aids from fund raised by Twenties for Smileys (TFS) , CUCMS’s students humanitarian project.

IMAN helps bridging the organiser of PEACE NEPAL 2017 with some targeted people of Nepal in this mission.

Other local NGOs contributed to the mission are Human Development Academy (HUDA) and Health Services and Relief Association (HESRA).

Following the launching ceremony, a medical checkup service was joinly carried out in the hall by CUCMS students and their medical lecturers supported by a few local medical officers and nurses as well as some other 20 medical students from Tribuvhan University, Nepal.

Besides that, kids aged 12 and below joined
psycho-socio sessions where they learned to increase their motor skills via art therapy.

Following that, the children were given demonstrations on oral hygiene and hand-washing techniques. We wish this knowledge transfer will highlight the important hygiene care.

Nayabazaar Club of Kirtipur gave great support to ensure the smooth running of medical check-up services.

When the mobile clinic closed at 3pm, it has recorded that around 180 patients have attended and benefited from today’s services.

PEACE NEPAL 2017 programme is held from 13 to 18 July, during which relief activities will be carried out covering health screening, installations of solar panels for generating electricity which will be utilised for water supply, distribution of family kits and winters kits and educational programmes.

As the name goes, TFS is joined by the youths aging 20 and above with the mission to establish the smile to the unfortunate ones. This year mission is the 5th international mission which began with Cambodia mission in 2013, Vietnam in 2014, Pekan Baru, Indonesia in 2015 and Vientisne, Laos last year.