SUPP: Let voters see the hypocritical side of DAP

KUCHING: It is time for the people of Kota Sentosa to see for themselves, the hypocritical side of DAP YBs and ask themselves: Is this the type of people I want to represent me in my constituency?, said SUPP Publics Complain Bureau Chief, Wilfred Yap.

The latest case, he said, will have to be their sacked Pujut assemblyman Dr Ting Tiong Choon, who had not been completely honest to the people until the national agency TalentCorp clarified that Ting was not a returnee under its Returning Expert Program (REP).

“Recently, DAP’s multi term “double YB” Chong Chieng Jen conveniently and arrogantly lashed out his sarcasm on me, accusing me of using approved projects as political propaganda. We must not forget the fact, that it was DAP YBs who love hijacking approved government projects, which has always been their “tradition”,” he added.

Wilfred Yap  said, unlike Chien Jen, the Adun of Kota Sentosa, he was an underdog who has no greater platform to bring people’s voices into the Parliament as well as State Legislative Assembly.

“On the other hand, YB Chong is a three term MP for Bandar Kuching and a two term State Assemblyman for Kota Sentosa. He should have turned his full attention to serving the needs of the people in his constituencies, rather than taunting me and dampening my spirits to fight for the people with his sarcastic remarks,” he said in a statement.

“I am grateful for taking up this portfolio after I lost the last election. I know this gives me the opportunity to get connected with the Rakyat on the ground level and better understand their needs. This also motivates me to serve them more efficiently and most important of all, sincerely,” said the  SUPP Publics Complain Bureau Chief.

Wilfred Yap said he had not abandoned the people of Kota Sentosa after his defeat in the previous state election.

“I have decided to stay and continue to work with the people, because over the years, I have built up a bond and strong ties with them,” he said.